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When Paramahansa Yogananda first issued his Yogoda lessons, each lesson contained a delicious and yummy recipe.

The lessons also contained extensive information about vitamins, nutrition, food for healing, and about food and their pranic energy. These Yogoda lessons were later used to create the current SRF lessons, however all this material and recipes were not included in the new lessons.

Paramahansaji opened two cafes: the Encinitas Cafe, and the Hollywood Temple cafe, called India Hall (mentioned in the Autobiography of a Yogi). These two cafes cooked delicious meals using the recipes which were in the Yogoda lessons.

Eventually, the Encinitas Cafe and India Hall cafe were closed. The Self-Realization Fellowship still uses the recipes today in their ashrams. If you have gone on a pilgrimage to the Temples during Convocation, you know how delicious and yummy the food is that they serve.

Many devotees wish they could have a copy of these recipes to use at home.This is exactly what you will find here.

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Great Recipes

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Nutrition, Yoga and You

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Healing Foods

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Foods & Pranic Energy

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Great Recipes


A delicious mock meat

1 cup walnuts
2 cups bead crumbs
½ Tsp salt
½ Tsp dried sage
1/8 Tsp pepper
1 egg
4 Tbsp Milk
Oil for frying

1. Coarsely chop walnuts
2. Combine in a mixing bowl walnut breadcrumbs, salt, sage, pepper
3. Beat egg slightly and add to bowl
4. Add milk and combine all ingredients
5. Shape into patties
6. Sauté in hot frying pan with a small amount of oil


Nutrition, Yoga and You

Science Of Nutrition

Today it is considered absolutely essential that every one who has anything to do with the planning of the menus and the selection and preparation of food should have a thorough knowledge of dietetics, for it is being realized more and more what a great and important role food plays in promoting proper growth, and in establishing and maintaining radiant health, energy, and beauty. So very much suffering can be avoided, and so much happiness and contentment gained, by the application of a little intelligence. Small errors in diet or small deficiencies of necessary elements may not produce obvious harm immediately, but they are cumulative in effect and irremediable trouble may follow later. Mothers and all others who plan menus are responsible for the future as well as the present well-being of those in their charge.

The value and importance of the correct feeding of individuals is recognized more every day. Leading research workers in the field of dietetics and nutrition have proved by experiment that "a carefully regulated diet will produce better physical and mental types of individuals with more stable nervous systems and happier dispositions."

After knowing a few of the principles, the ordinary person can plan his daily diet without much trouble or calculation. Those who plan for others should recognize their full responsibility and set about acquiring the necessary knowledge to safeguard the health and well-being of all concerned.

Knowledge of food values is imperative in order to choose wisely from the hundreds of kinds and brands of foods on display in the modern markets. You cannot trust to instinct to guide you -- you must know whether you are getting unadulterated and unrefined foods, whether you are getting whole some, nutritious food for the money you spend, or whether you are receiving denatured commercial products. .

The necessity of shipping food from great distances to our city markets has developed serious problems in the care and preservation of foods. The government has done a great deal to protect the consumer in seeing that the food sold should be what it claims to be, that it is in good condition, and that it is free from harmful preservatives. Beyond this, the wise choice rests with the individual.

If you are really in earnest about getting pure food, whole grain cereals, meals, and flours, unadulterated honey, maple syrup, mineralized salt, unsulphured fruits, raw sugar, and all the other health food products, get acquainted with your health food store. Almost every community of any size has one these days. Most of the modern markets carry health foods which you can get if you will take the trouble to find out the right brands and then insist upon getting them.

Every individual needs an adequate or normal diet. The normal diet varies with circumstances, individuals, age, climate, race, and economic conditions. We here quote a good definition of an adequate diet from "Dietetics and Nutrition," by M.A. Perry. "An adequate diet may be secured in many ways and by the use of a great variety of foods as long as it conforms to certain fundamental condition... It must provide all the food nutrients in the proper proportion, an adequate amount of vitamins, sufficient bulk for regulation of body functions, fluids in proper-amounts, calories to produce and maintain normal weight, and enough alkaline ash producing foods to balance the acid ash foods to prevent acidosis."

The foods of which a normal or complete diet is composed may be classified according to physical properties, source, chemical composition and function. Foods may be solid, semi-solid, or liquid. They come from the animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdom, and they may be either organic or inorganic.

Inorganic foods are foods such as water and salts which are without what is ordinarily called life. Organic foods are those which have had life and may be either animal or vegetable. Organic foods are further divided into those which contain nitrogen and those which do not.

All foods are also classified in five groups according to their chemical properties. These are: 1) proteins 2) fats 3) carbohydrates 4) water and 5) minerals.

Some foods build and repair tissue and others furnish material for the production of heat and energy. Proteins and minerals belong to the first class, and proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to the second. The oxygen, which is taken into the body in the air which is breathed, burns the food and thus produces heat and energy.


Healing Foods

Healing Colds by Proper Diet

When you a catch cold fast for two days. Remember that during a cold
the extra poisons of your body are- being thrown off. If you add
more food to your system, you help to obstruct the poison-
eliminating system of Nature by clogging up the circulation with
extra food chemicals.

If you cannot bear up under a complete fast eat apples or pears or
grapes, but refrain from eating acid fruits. Do not eat anything at
night. Do not drink hot or cold water. Drink only two glasses of
tepid warm water daily. I do not believe that to drink too much
water during a cold is good, for the extra water taken comes out
constantly through the mucus membrane, making the nose run too much,
and causing irritation and accumulation of pus there.

Fasting during a cold is very good, for it helps Nature to affect
her own cure without interruption from any source. It is very good
to use some laxative suitable to your system at the beginning of a

A good four-hour sunbath with the rays of the sun falling directly
on the epidermis of the body has been known to cure a cold in one
day. Sensitive skinned people should protect their skins by smearing
olive oil, or something similar over their bodies before taking a

The best hours for sun-baths are between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.


Foods and Pranic Energy

Pranic Qualities of Foods

Every food has certain inherent qualities

Almonds & honey

Affect self-control




Impart calmness, humbleness


Martial courage


Aid in calmness of thought


Strength of character


Vibrate joy


Tenderness & sweetness

Eggs & milk

Enthusiasm, fresh energy


Softens strict sense of discipline


Vibrate divine love



Maple syrup

Mental freshness

Oranges, lemons

Banish melancholia & are a brain stimulant


Unselfishness, thinking of the good of others




Self-assurance, good for inferiority complex





Sweet corn, tomatoes

Mental strength

Unpolished rice



Obstinate in principles, fine when principles are good


The body is God's temple. Give it its due and forget about it.
Concentrate on loving God. This chart shows that goodness in nature varies in a different way in each type of food, as well as in everything else. It's not the food we eat that will give us those quailities, but our own self-effort in God's grace. Seek God and God alone.



Holiday Recipes Book Available Now...

Many have written to us, thanking us for the wonderful service we are providing, and requested books containing the recipes. Although this was not a part of our original plan, after meditating on the idea we decided to go through with it for you all. We like this idea, because it means you can get the recipes in a quicker manner than we have been providing on our Yahoo Board.

Because creating a book, containing all of the 400 and some recipes will take a tremendous amount of work and time, during this past season we were inspired to start with a smaller version themed for the holiday time. We went through all the recipes and collected those worthy of a holiday feast.

We hope to inspire everyone, to not wait for a holiday time to get together with loved ones. Everyday can be a holiday.

US buyers can
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Cooking with Swami Yogananda: Holiday Recipes Book Cover

Cooking with Swami Yogananda: Holiday Recipes
by CookingWithSwamiYogananda

These yummy recipes are from the writings of Swami Yogananda in the 20's and 30's. Everyone will find a recipe they will love, whether they are into Vegan, Vegetarian, or Raw Foods. They are eternal delectable delights. There is something for everyone.

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Product Details:
Printed: 85 pages, 6.0" x 9.0",
coil binding, black and white interior
ISBN: 1-4116-7841-9
Language: English
Edition: First


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